CPA Traffic Strategies: Dominating Facebook

June 25, 2012 by Murray Lunn

The Facebook Traffic Goldmine

In our second part of the CPA Traffic Strategies, we’ll be taking a look at how to properly use Facebook in CPA marketing.

This short but info-packed guide will take you through the various ways to utilize the social platform – and not just for traffic.

In terms of Facebook for CPA marketing, we’ve got a good list of choices:

  • Direct Traffic
  • Brand Building
  • Advertising
  • Feedback

The main focus here really isn’t about traffic since we all know that it’s a powerful platform for it but it’s worth mentioning that the best way to couple FB and CPA together is to push people onto your information pages and allow visitors to naturally funnel toward your CPA offers.

Facebook, for its use in CPA marketing, doesn’t take kindly to offers and will generally ban or prevent you from directly linking the offers. The best way around this is through your use of groups, fan pages, and advertising (detailed later).

Next, we have the idea of brand building which allows you to create long-term leads to your CPA offer. Rather than having a ‘one-and-go’ mentality for your traffic – you’re trying to get people coming back time and time again. Here, you’d be creating a brand through great content, community interaction, and personality.

With Facebook, you can use the built in features (pages, groups, etc) to create a social community; this community will create the discussions, buzz, and funnel to your website (or landing pages) and, in turn, talk about it with others on the social network. The best use, in this case, is to always have something fresh and relevant for people to discover when they land on your pages – you can expand the number of offers while keeping the information worthwhile to your community.

Advertising is immense on Facebook but there’s been a lot of give and take these last few years because Facebook has begun to dislike the use of CPA marketing offers on the platform.

The obvious way around this hurdle is to drive people to your website, landing pages, or directly to your Facebook group/page so that you’re building a list rather than trying the one-off commission from an offer. Advertising on Facebook is dirt cheap, intuitive, and easy to understand – there’s a lot of options for choosing the right demographics – all of which can be coupled into you CPA traffic strategies.

Lastly, Facebook is an excellent location to gain feedback from your community and outside members. You’ll be hard pressed to get people to respond through emails, comments, or polls but they never seem to have trouble doing a quick status update on your Facebook wall – utilize it!

Allow your followers to openly talk about your website, landing pages, and campaigns. Use what they’ve said as feedback to improve and optimize your work. Return to each member that spoken out and share the upgrades and tweaks – this will get them buzzing and pull them back into the fold.

All-in-all, Facebook is a social platform that you don’t want to skip just because of its strong stance against CPA marketing – but you already knew this. Today, go and setup a new account or update what you’ve got – put it to good use – start driving traffic and get the most from it.

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