Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts

PhotoshopPlot points and manipulate bezier curves faster by using keyboard shortcuts for common actions while using Illustrator. Learn a few new shortcuts each day and you will greatly improve your efficiency while using PS. The following list is for Windows users, we will be adding Mac shortcuts soon.

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Illustrator Tools Shortcut Keys

Selection V
Direct Selection A
Magic Wand Y
Lasso Q
Pen P
Add Anchor Point =
Delete Anchor Point -
Convert Anchor Point Shift+C
Type T
Line Segment \
Rectangle M
Paintbrush B
Pencil N
Rotate R
Reflect O
Scale S
Warp Shift+R
Free Transform E
Symbol Sprayer Shift+S
Column Graph J
Mesh U
Gradient G
Eyedropper I
Paint Bucket K
Blend W
Slice Shift+K
Scissors C
Hand H
Zoom Z
Toggle Fill/Stroke X
Default D
Swap Fill/Stroke Shift+X
Color ,
Gradient .
None /
Toggle Screen Mode F
Show/Hide All Palettes Tab
Show/Hide All But Toolbox Shift+Tab
Symbolism Tools – Increase Diameter ]
Symbolism Tools – Decrease Diameter [
Symbolism Tools - Increase Intensity Shift+}
Symbolism Tools - Decrease Intensity Shift+{

Illustrator Menu Commands Shortcut Keys

New Ctrl+N
New from Template Shift+Ctrl+N
Open Ctrl+O
Close Ctrl+W
Save Ctrl+S
Save As Shift+Ctrl+S
Save a Copy Alt+Ctrl+S
Save for Web Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S
Revert F12
Document Setup Alt+Ctrl+P
Print Ctrl+P
Exit Ctrl+Q
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Shift+Ctrl+Z
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Paste in Front Ctrl+F
Paste in Back Ctrl+B
Check Spelling Ctrl+I
Color Settings Shift+Ctrl+K
Keyboard Shortcuts Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K
General Ctrl+K
Transform Again Ctrl+D
Move Shift+Ctrl+M
Transform Each Alt+Shift+Ctrl+D
Bring to Front Shift+Ctrl+]
Bring Forward Ctrl+]
Send Backward Ctrl+[
Send to Back Shift+Ctrl+[
Group Ctrl+G
Ungroup Shift+Ctrl+G
Selection Ctrl+2
Unlock All Alt+Ctrl+2
Selection Ctrl+3
Show All Alt+Ctrl+3
Join Ctrl+J
Average Alt+Ctrl+J
Make Alt+Ctrl+B
Release Alt+Shift+Ctrl+B
Make with Warp Alt+Shift+Ctrl+W
Make with Mesh Alt+Ctrl+M
Make with Top Object Alt+Ctrl+C
Edit Contents Shift+Ctrl+V
Make Ctrl+7
Release Alt+Ctrl+7
Make Ctrl+8
Release Alt+Ctrl+8
Create Outlines Shift+Ctrl+O
Show Hidden Characters Alt+Ctrl+I
All Ctrl+A
Deselect Shift+Ctrl+A
Reselect Ctrl+6
Next Object Above Alt+Ctrl+]
Next Object Below Alt+Ctrl+[
Apply Last Filter Ctrl+E
Last Filter Alt+Ctrl+E
Apply Last Effect Shift+Ctrl+E
Last Effect Alt+Shift+Ctrl+E
Preview Ctrl+Y
Overprint Preview Alt+Shift+Ctrl+Y
Pixel Preview Alt+Ctrl+Y
Zoom In Ctrl+=
Zoom Out Ctrl+-
Fit in Window Ctrl+0
Actual Size Ctrl+1
Hide Edges Ctrl+H
Show Template Shift+Ctrl+W
Show Rulers Ctrl+R
Show Transparency Grid Shift+Ctrl+D
Show Text Threads Shift+Ctrl+Y
Hide Guides Ctrl+;
Lock Guides Alt+Ctrl+;
Make Guides Ctrl+5
Release Guides Alt+Ctrl+5
Smart Guides Ctrl+U
Show Grid Ctrl+'
Snap to Grid Shift+Ctrl+'
Snap to Point Alt+Ctrl+'
Align Shift+F7
Appearance Shift+F6
Attributes F11
Brushes F5
Color F6
Gradient F9
Graphic Styles Shift+F5
Info F8
Layers F7
Pathfinder Shift+F9
Stroke F10
Symbols Shift+F11
Transform Shift+F8
Transparency Shift+F10
Character Ctrl+T
OpenType Alt+Shift+Ctrl+T
Paragraph Alt+Ctrl+T
Tabs Shift+Ctrl+T
Illustrator Help F1
Switch Selection Tools Ctrl+Tab
Insert Hyphen Shift+Ctrl+-
Point Size Up Shift+Ctrl+.
Point Size Down Shift+Ctrl+,
Font Size Step Up Alt+Shift+Ctrl+.
Font Size Step Down Alt+Shift+Ctrl+,
Kern Looser Shift+Ctrl+]
Kern Tighter Shift+Ctrl+[
Tracking Alt+Ctrl+K
Clear Tracking Alt+Ctrl+Q
Spacing Alt+Ctrl+O
Uniform Type Shift+Ctrl+X
Highlight Font Alt+Shift+Ctrl+F
Highlight Font (Secondary) Alt+Shift+Ctrl+M
Left Align Text Shift+Ctrl+L
Center Text Shift+Ctrl+C
Right Align Text Shift+Ctrl+R
Justify Text Left Shift+Ctrl+J
Justify All Lines Shift+Ctrl+F
Toggle Auto Hyphenation Alt+Shift+Ctrl+H
Toggle Line Composer Alt+Shift+Ctrl+C
Lock Others Alt+Shift+Ctrl+2
Hide Others Alt+Shift+Ctrl+3
Repeat Pathfinder Ctrl+4
Average & Join Alt+Shift+Ctrl+J
Add New Fill Ctrl+/
Add New Stroke Alt+Ctrl+/
New Layer Ctrl+L
Switch Units Alt+Shift+Ctrl+U
New File (No Dialog) Alt+Ctrl+N
Close All Alt+Ctrl+W
Cut (Secondary) F2
Copy (Secondary) F3
Paste (Secondary) F4
Debug Palette Alt+Shift+Ctrl+F12

How to Customize Illustrator Shortcut Keys

Changing the default or creating new keyboard shortcuts in Illustrator is easy.

Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts


It’s all straightforward from here. You can save a new profile that uses your customized shortcut keys and load them at anytime.

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