Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

PhotoshopPush pixels faster by using keyboard shortcuts for common actions while using Photoshop. Learn a few new shortcuts each day and you will greatly improve your efficiency while using PS. The following list is for Windows users, we will be adding Mac shortcuts soon.

Application Menus

Command Shortcut
New…   Ctrl+N
Open…   Ctrl+O
Browse…   Alt+Ctrl+O


Open As…   Alt+Shift+Ctrl+O
Edit in ImageReady   Shift+Ctrl+M
Close   Ctrl+W
Close All   Alt+Ctrl+W
Close and Go To Bridge…   Shift+Ctrl+W
Save   Ctrl+S
Save As…   Shift+Ctrl+S
Save a Version…    
Save for Web…   Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S
Revert   F12
File Info…   Alt+Shift+Ctrl+I
Page Setup…   Shift+Ctrl+P
Print with Preview…   Alt+Ctrl+P
Print…   Ctrl+P
Print One Copy   Alt+Shift+Ctrl+P
Print Online…    
Exit   Ctrl+Q
Undo/Redo   Ctrl+Z
Step Forward   Shift+Ctrl+Z
Step Backward   Alt+Ctrl+Z
Fade…   Shift+Ctrl+F
Cut   Ctrl+X
Copy   Ctrl+C
Copy Merged   Shift+Ctrl+C
Paste   Ctrl+V
Paste Into   Shift+Ctrl+V
Fill…   Shift+F5
Free Transform   Ctrl+T
  Again   Shift+Ctrl+T
Color Settings…   Shift+Ctrl+K
Keyboard Shortcuts…   Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K
Menus…   Alt+Shift+Ctrl+M
  General…   Ctrl+K
  Levels…   Ctrl+L
  Auto Levels   Shift+Ctrl+L
  Auto Contrast   Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L
  Auto Color   Shift+Ctrl+B
  Curves…   Ctrl+M
  Color Balance…   Ctrl+B
  Hue/Saturation…   Ctrl+U
  Desaturate   Shift+Ctrl+U
Image Size…   Alt+Ctrl+I
Canvas Size…   Alt+Ctrl+C
  Layer…   Shift+Ctrl+N
  Layer via Copy   Ctrl+J
  Layer via Cut   Shift+Ctrl+J
Create/Release Clipping Mask   Alt+Ctrl+G
Group Layers   Ctrl+G
Ungroup Layers   Shift+Ctrl+G
  Bring to Front   Shift+Ctrl+]
  Bring Forward   Ctrl+]
  Send Backward   Ctrl+[
  Send to Back   Shift+Ctrl+[
Merge Layers   Ctrl+E
Merge Visible   Shift+Ctrl+E
All   Ctrl+A
Deselect   Ctrl+D
Reselect   Shift+Ctrl+D
Inverse   Shift+Ctrl+I


All Layers   Alt+Ctrl+A
Feather...   Alt+Ctrl+D
Last Filter   Ctrl+F
Extract...   Alt+Ctrl+X
Liquify...   Shift+Ctrl+X
Pattern Maker...   Alt+Shift+Ctrl+X
Vanishing Point...   Alt+Ctrl+V
Proof Setup>
Proof Colors   Ctrl+Y
Gamut Warning   Shift+Ctrl+Y
Zoom In   Ctrl++
Zoom Out   Ctrl+-
Fit on Screen   Ctrl+0
Actual Pixels   Alt+Ctrl+0
Extras   Ctrl+H
  Target Path   Shift+Ctrl+H
  Grid   Ctrl+'
  Guides   Ctrl+;
Rulers   Ctrl+R
Snap   Shift+Ctrl+;
Lock Guides   Alt+Ctrl+;
Actions   Alt+F9


Brushes   F5
Color   F6
Info   F8
Layers   F7
Photoshop Help   F1

Palette Menus

Command Shortcut
New Frame   Alt+Shift+Ctrl+F
Step Forward   Shift+Ctrl+Z
Step Backward   Alt+Ctrl+Z
New Layer...   Shift+Ctrl+N
Create/Release Clipping Mask   Alt+Ctrl+G
Merge Layers   Ctrl+E
Merge Visible   Shift+Ctrl+E


Tools   Shortcut
Rectangular Marquee Tool   M
Elliptical Marquee Tool   M
Move Tool   V
Lasso Tool   L
Polygonal Lasso Tool   L
Magnetic Lasso Tool   L
Magic Wand Tool   W
Crop Tool   C
Slice Tool   K
Slice Select Tool   K
Spot Healing Brush Tool   J
Healing Brush Tool   J
Patch Tool   J
Red Eye Tool   J
Brush Tool   B
Pencil Tool   B
Color Replacement Tool   B
Clone Stamp Tool   S
Pattern Stamp Tool   S
History Brush Tool   Y
Art History Brush   Y
Eraser Tool   E
Background Eraser Tool   E
Magic Eraser Tool   E
Gradient Tool   G
Paint Bucket Tool   G
Blur Tool   R
Sharpen Tool   R
Smudge Tool   R
Dodge Tool   O
Burn Tool   O
Sponge Tool   O
Path Selection Tool   A
Direct Selection Tool   A
Horizontal Type Tool   T
Vertical Type Tool   T
Horizontal Type Mask Tool   T
Vertical Type Mask Tool   T
Pen Tool   P
Freeform Pen Tool   P
Rectangle Tool   U
Rounded Rectangle Tool   U
Ellipse Tool   U
Polygon Tool   U
Line Tool   U
Custom Shape Tool   U
Notes Tool   N
Audio Annotation Tool   N
Eyedropper Tool   I
Color Sampler Tool   I
Measure Tool   I
Hand Tool   H
Zoom Tool   Z
Default Foreground/Background Colors   D
Switch Foreground/Background Colors   X
Toggle Standard/Quick Mask Modes   Q
Toggle Screen Modes   F
Toggle Preserve Transparency   /
Decrease Brush Size   [
Increase Brush Size   ]
Decrease Brush Hardness   {
Increase Brush Hardness   }
Previous Brush   ,
Next Brush   .
First Brush   <
Last Brush   >
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