How to Get Accepted to a CPA Network

May 9, 2012 by Murray Lunn

Cost-Per-Action marketing networks are one of the toughest to be accepted into because of the high level of value CPA businesses strive to bring to the market. These businesses specifically put roadblocks to prevent less-than-stellar affiliates and marketers from sullying the reputation of the company (or burning the advertisers).

This barrier to entry shouldn’t be all too intimidating as it may sound; in fact, the process is quite easy once you understand what you’ll be expected of upon joining the network. The following will give you a run-down of steps on how to get accepted to a CPA network.

Step 1: Gather your resources

Create a list of CPA networks you’d like to do business with along with the prominent affiliate managers’ names and contact information. At this time, beef up your website to the best of your ability so it looks attractive, sustains great traffic, and is optimized for converting leads. Pool together your analytics and marketing methods which will be used during the likely interview process later on.

Step 2: Apply

Set out and begin applying to the major networks on your list. Bring your basic account details, tax information, and a generalization of what you can offer to the CPA network. Remember that these networks are selective and don’t want someone run-of-the-mill – apply as if you’re going in for a major job.

Step 3: Nail the interview

Many CPA networks hold interviews with potential members to get a better understanding of the websites, marketing methods, traffic, and tactics used by the applicants. You should go into your interview with confidence and a complete understanding of your website and the CPA model. During the interview, share your website stats (traffic, conversions, community size, traffic methods, etc) but also your plans to grow (CPA networks love high volume leads).

Step 4: Follow up

The application process can take some time but use your down-time to get in touch with the affiliate managers and business owners (if possible) to hound the fact that your website (and marketing methods) are a great pair for the network. Keep at it and leave great impressions with the managers which could be the tipping point in your application approval.

Don’t give up

Above all else: don’t give up. You may not be accepted to every CPA network but it’s like a job application: the more you put out, the higher chances you’ll have at being accepted. Keep at it.

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