CPA Traffic Strategies: YouTube Marketing

August 24, 2012 by Murray Lunn

In our on-going ‘CPA Traffic Strategies’ series, we’ve come upon one of the most lucrative, down-right easy methods to driving traffic to your website: YouTube video marketing.

With a video camera in hand, idea in mind, and the motivation to get started, you can turn your knowledge of your niche and industry into a server-melting source of traffic that continually works to improve your conversions and bottom-line.

In the following sections, I’ll be taking you through the needed items to get started in YouTube marketing along with a few tips & tricks for creating video content that sells.

The Essential Tools of Video Marketing

You’re in luck.

In the past, video was truly limited to those with a big budget but smaller, easier-to-access technology now puts a video camera into every hand holding a smartphone. However, you’re, by no means, limited to using a smartphone as video camera (and digital camera) prices have hit a rock-bottom, steal of a price. Likewise, you don’t even need a video camera if you plan to use your computer screen!

With that being said, there are a few “essential” items worthwhile of an investment:

  • A video camera capable of (at least) 720p resolution
  • Video editing software (I recommend Sony Vegas)
  • A microphone to capture your voice
  • (Optional) Sleek graphics, transitions, catchy music, and other video elements

The first three are quite essential if you plan to record live video; the latter is the “fluff” which helps engage your viewer.

As mentioned, you don’t need to create live video. Tools and programs like Camtasia or Screenr (a free tool) run on your desktop which allows you to capture your screen and create “screencasts” which are very effective if you’re showing information related to the web, programs, or if you include such items as a virtual whiteboard.

The process of capturing, editing, and producing video is something you’ll pick up the more you practice.

I could certainly give you a complete tutorial but it’s best to simply get “out in the wild” and make mistakes because the first few videos will be terrible but the greater amount of practice will begin to show ample rewards through better video.

Video Marketing Ideas: Three Templates that Work

So, what works in terms of video production – especially for YouTube?

A. Tutorial Videos – A simple, to-the-point overview and walkthrough of a particular topic that will educate the user. These videos are excellent when you are promoting tools and services that aid the viewer in completing the task.

B. Reviews – Consider creating reviews on the products, services, and offers you’re promoting. Be sincere with your review and keep the video to 2 – 3 minutes in length. Display a link within the video or include it within the video description.

C. Promotions – YouTube is fairly strict when it comes to advertising through video but you’re still open to create promotional videos such as if you’re launching a new service, website, or offer. You can use these type of videos to excite the viewer into visiting your website, subscribing to an email list, or any number of desired outcomes.

All-in-all, YouTube is still widely neglected in the world of online marketing, especially with CPA offers. Competitor’s fear of creating video is your golden egg – it’s the wild west of traffic generation; all you need to do is get started.

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